Get A Grip HM Treatment

Effective On All Hard Mineral Surfaces

Our Get A Grip HM treatments are controlled acid etching. The existing pours are deepened and widened to create a tread like pattern. This tread pattern works the same way a tire works on a wet road. The water dissipates thru these opened pours under the foot providing a non-slip surface. Ceramic tile, terrazzo, concrete, marble, granite, porcelain, enamel and other hard mineral surfaces.

When we are finished, there is nothing on the floor that was not there before we arrived and 95+%  of the time there is no change in appearance and only a minor change to the other floors.

Our treatments are warranted for a minimum five years and will last the lifetime of the surface providing proper maintenance procedures are followed. (Maintenance services available).

Get A Grip FVP & Get A Grip FVP Plus: Effective on all surfaces.

Get A Grip FVP uses a high solids water based coating that dries crystal clear leaving a non-slip glossy finish. It will not be damaged by most everyday cleaners including detergents and mild corrosive cleaners. This formula provides durability, protects against ultraviolet, mold and mildew all while proving a safe non-slip surface.

Standard Get A Grip FVP has coarseness equal to 100 grit sand paper. This will provide the extra traction required for most situations.


Get A Grip FVP Plus has a more aggressive texture equal to 60 grit sand paper for that extra grip around the pool, hot tub, shower, stairs or anywhere you just want a little extra grip. Either will be effective on all hard mineral surfaces listed above, plus fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, metal, wood and just about any other   surface. These can be applied with a hair or foam brush, a roller (short nap) or a low pressure airless sprayer. Clean up easily with warm soapy water.


Safe and Beautiful

Any one of our Get A Grip treatments will provide all the no-slip safety you will ever need.


Contact us about your situation.