Gripping Not Slipping at Fitness Centers

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Slip and falls are far more common than facility managers and owners realize. We hear many stories of someone slipping and falling at Fitness Centers. The most common complaints are for the shower or locker room, but we also hear of accidents around the pool and hot tub areas.


A big part of the awareness problem comes from the different foot attire materials. The individual with quality footwear may never be aware of a problem. However for those that are barefoot or do not have slip resistant footwear they are continually exposed to that danger. The lack of knowledge that there are solutions available continues to make this a dangerous situation. The solution is easy. Either, require all patrons and employees wear slip resistant footwear, or contact Wisconsin No Slip Floors.


Any one of our Get A GRIP Treatments will provide all the no-slip safety you will ever need. Choose the right Product for your situation or request an appointment to have a sample area treated.


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Other industries we work with include Hospitality and Restaurants.


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