Hospitality Businesses Made Safer

Prevent Costly Falls Before They Happen

The hospitality industry has one of the highest exposures to slip and fall accidents and we have been serving this industry for over a decade.

Every day multiple people are bathing and showering in each occupied room.

These people are at risk while they are in the tub/shower. When they are stepping in and out the danger is more than doubled when these two surfaces are slippery.

The swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, locker and shower rooms all add to the liability exposure.

Foyers, entryways and lobbies are all risk liabilities when weather causes your guest to be walking in from the wet conditions.

Are you tiered of covering the floors with unsightly mats?  Any one of our Get A Grip treatments will provide all the no-slip safety you will ever need.

Industries we work with include Restaurants and Fitness Centers.

Contact us about your slippery situation.