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Costs of Slippery Surfaces

Claims for slip & falls, have unlimited Liability Risks unlike a finger getting severed, or something like that, these liabilities have set dollar amounts. Where as with a slip & fall the suit could be for any amount.


The average medical & indemnity cost per slip/fall claim in 2000-2001 was $18,838, in 2002-2003 was $20,228 (National Safety Council) The average liability law suit cost; is $50,000. to Defend, and just over $100, Judgments, (OSHA)


Take a look at a 30 second slip and fall video the Canadian government put out to help educate and encourage businesses to do something about slippery floors.



Currently many insurance companies are doing much to encourage small businesses to do everything they can to reduce the exposure to slip & fall accidents, and to make sure their insurance policy includes premises liability coverage for slip-and-fall lawsuits.


Recently at the Waukesha County Safety Council meeting we were informed that the Department of Workforce Development & the Department of Commerce had recently increased its investigation of compensable employee injuries.

The Wisconsin State Statue 102.57

Violations of safety provisions, penalty.

If injury is caused by the failure of the employer to comply with any statute or any lawful order of the department, compensation and death benefits provided in this chapter shall be increased 15% but the total increase may not exceed $15,000. Failure of an employer reasonably to enforce compliance by employees with that statute or order of the department constitutes failure by the employer to comply with that statute or order. These fines are NOT covered by insurance.


Plaintiff's legal expenses, as required for non-compliance of federal mandates. You are still required to correct the problem.


No Slip Advantages or (What's in it for Me?) 


$  Provide safe floors for customers & employees

$  Reduce worker's compensation and liability claims.


$  Reduce insurance premiums.

$  Reduce employee lost time.

$  Comply with federal mandates.

$  No business lost time.

$  Treated floors are safe and ready to use immediately.

$  Not a coating or covering.

$  Will not alter the appearance.

$  Quick, safe and long lasting.

Now ask yourself ; what would it cost if I slipped/fell and broke My wrist? What if my best employee could not work for the next 5 weeks? or what if a customer is injured & SUES?


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