Not Just a Job -- It's a Passion

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Here's why I'm in business.

I had been a machinist for more than 30 years when my last employer announced they were going to move their manufacturing operations to Brazil. I decided it was time I pursued my dream of being self employed.


I also knew this could be my chance to dedicate myself to helping people. I searched my own life and my own experiences for ways I could make that contribution.


I was in my late teens when my Great Grandfather came to live with us. Grandpa was in great shape for his age and constantly had my four brothers and I interested in his many stories.


One day while traveling he had a bad fall on a wet, slippery floor. As is the sad case with many elderly folks who have a fall, his hospitalization led to his decline and Grandpa never came home again.


In researching how I could help, I learned that preventing falls is the greatest step we can take as a society to keep our senior citizens from needing hospitalizations and moves to nursing homes.


My research quickly surprised me. I found that slip and falls are the second leading cause of injuries for people of all ages.


I decided this would be the direction my new enterprise would take. I researched all the materials and different solutions available. I talked to insurance specialists and loss control managers who told me about the many liabilities commercial facilities have with slips and falls. I talked with elder care folks about where the best opportunities were for contributing to their well being.


In the end I decided on a combination of treatments that I found to be best suited for every application where slips and falls were a danger; in bathrooms, tubs and showers, on stairs, on sidewalks, driveways and garage floors, etc. I also researched and located the best materials for preventing slips and falls on all the different types of flooring materials such as vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, concrete, wood and many others.


In each case, I found just the right material best suited to preventing slips and falls.


Now, when we do an installation, or sell No Slip treatment materials, I know that I am making the best contribution I can possibly make to provide a safe and effective solution to the problem of slips and falls.


I have met many interesting people and just love the reaction we get to this great service. I am having a blast and look forward to helping many more people prevent slips and falls in their lives.


I know Grandpa is smiling, and so am I. I use to think often of retiring early. Now who knows if I will EVER retire.


Mark Wilcox, Owner
Wisconsin No Slip Floors