"I would like to thank Mark for the wonderful job he did at our Motel... he provided us with the 'peace of mind' we needed in our pool and shower areas by protecting our floors with his 'Treatment Plan'. It would have just been a matter of time before we suffered a costly insurance injury claim due to the wet floor surfaces in our pool area. Now thanks to Mark and his service, we can rest easily!


We recently had a guest slip and fall in one of our bathtubs. We needed some type of surface protection on our fiberglass bathtubs that were losing their surface texture. Mark did his homework and now we have protection in our bathtubs too! Our guests can shower with little concern of slipping and falling due to the excellent workmanship Mark performed and we don't have to worry that our guests may fall and injure themselves.


Mark is a true professional and does a great job with great customer service and follow-up. I would recommend him and his product to anyone looking for the peace of mind that only he can bring to your business. Iron Ridge Inn Restaurant & Motel


Thanks Mark for a job well done!!"



Don & Heidi Newland, Innkeepers

Iron Ridge Inn Motel

Iron Ridge, WI

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